Monday, March 12, 2012

What’s your Spring Work-out Plan? Give Figure 4 a try!

After our CPR Training taught by none another then Lieutenant Betty from FDNY, we love her spunk, LLD enjoyed a new kind of work out hosted by Pure Yoga West. Pure Yoga, which Access Hollywood calls the place where you can “be fit like Jennifer Aniston”, hosted LLD for our first Figure 4 experience!

Created by professional ballet dancer Kate Albarelli, Figure 4 combines elements of classic dance training, Pilates, yoga, and free weights. This combination is part of a high energy class that works the heart and the limbs in tandem for faster, more effective results, helping to create a long, toned and flexible body.

Our instructor Kerry rocked. The full-time publishing executive, dancer for more than 20 years and performing arts scholar at The George Washington University also happens to be four months pregnant so she showed us how the movements can easily be done for expecting mothers as well as for non-expecting beginners aka all of us!

The class was NOT easy!  We moved muscles we didn’t know we had. Kerry’s motivation, call-outs by name (which I personally love) and high-powered energy made the class both informational, enjoyable and an awesome new work-out.

And you MUST check out Pure Yoga West’s digs. The place is paradise.  Quietly placed on 77th Street and Amsterdam conveniently next door to Equinox & Soul Cycle it’s a fitness guru’s dream.  Pure Yoga presents a home and a playground for the modern yogi, and a source of inspiration for the spirit, the soul, and the body.

 "Figure 4 is perfect for mothers.  As I'm about to find out first-hand, moms don't necessarily have a ton of free time.  In just one hour, Figure 4 tones and strengthens the entire body without a second to waste, so you're using the time you do have SMARTLY!  We work the thighs, arms, abs and glutes using aspects of ballet training, yoga, pilates and strength conditioning.  It targets both the superficial and the smaller interior muscles, leaving you with a longer, leaner physique,” said Kerry.

To give Figure 4 a try click here


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