Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LLD's Take on Role Models

As soon as you think about your lil’ one growing up, who can help but think about who is going to be their role model. Who is going to help them grow up to be the best that they can be! First and foremost of course the family! You know, moms, dads, brothers and sisters, cousins and grandparents. But of course there will be others! Today our President, Lindsay Bell, gave her take on the importance of role models to Mommybites, a go-to resource for parents.

If you didn’t know, Lindsay is the oldest of five girls! As you can imagine, there was always a lot going on and Lindsay easily assumed the role of big sister. She was always involved with what her sisters were doing whether it was planning a fun day of games, teaching them about something they should or shouldn’t do, or challenging them to be even better at school or in other areas. Lindsay was always there. Lindsay says as she looks back, she never realized how much she was in tune with what her sisters needed and what made them happy as both young little toddlers, or pre-teens when they were going through the same things she did at that age. LLD knows not all siblings are lucky enough to have a big sis like Lindsay, but in any case, a strong role model is so important!
And what better way to make sure you have a say in your lil’ ones role models than by choosing them yourself! Yes of course, we mean their sitters and nannys. Having a sitter or nanny that is sensitive to your child’s needs, can relate to them, and show them what goals and values are important in life is just so… well…important! To read more about Lindsay’s experience as a role model to her sisters as well as her list of the best qualities in a sitter or child care provider that make them great role models, click here.

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