Friday, March 23, 2012

How about the Parenting Magazine Ap!

I was thinking how cool it would be to have an app for those times when you have a quick question regarding your child.  Yes Google helps, but it can be so vague and it takes time to review all of the options that come up. 

What if you need something really quick & easy?

I researched around and found Parenting Magazine’s app “Parenting Age’s & Stages”. It is FREE to download and offers a search engine to ask your own specific questions.  They also offer sub categories making it easier to navigate to your answer.  Categories include:
  • Product Recalls
  • All Ages & Stages
  • Pregnancy
  • First Year
  • Second Year
  • The Early Years
  • School Years

So whether you have a question about what 5 tooth brushing tricks work for your child or easy ways to ease a baby during bath time or 20 tantrum tamers, they cover it all!

For more information on Parenting Magazine click here


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  1. Thanks for your comments, Lindsay. We completely agree this app is a handy source of valuable, pertinent information for parents of younger kids. Thanks for your post!