Monday, March 26, 2012

Need a Date Day/Night? LLD can Help!

Longing to finally get out of your apartment? You have been busy keeping your children's social calendar in line, but forgot yourself?

LLD sitters travel with our families making for a more balanced family vacation.
It's spring and it's time to break away during the day during your vacation, for your spa appointment, that lunch with your mother, shopping to get that wedding or baby shower gift or at night for some QT with your partner! The solution is to hire a reliable sitter that can be on call when the need arises!

It's simple! First, register on our website, then set up a intro phone consultation with a member of our LLD team, learn the ropes of our policy and procedure, meet a few of our stellar sitters prior and voila...your sitter appointment is booked!

Book your trip, day appointment or date night today!

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