Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today's Kind of Babysitter

Lana Del Rey still babysits.

She may be an up and coming music star according to The Huffington Post, but the buzzed about singer’s other job when she’s at home is none other than babysitting! 

Lana Del Rey

She’s not the only one. LLD’s troupe of over 100 professional sitters include medical students from Johns Hopkins, advertising & fashion executives from Conde Nast, attorneys from top law firms, CEO’s, Broadway & TV actors/actresses, agents, yoga instructors, health coaches, personal chefs to the stars, entrepreneurs, college basket ball stars, Radio City Rockettes and more!

What a better role model then some of these sitters?

Especially if your child excels or shows interest in one of these areas, request a sitter that specializes in his or her interest! And these women love to teach and be around children. Its a perfect combo.

Like all of our sitters, Lana has a busy schedule but still makes babysitting a priority.   She continues to babysit because that’s what she has done for a long time. So why stop doing something you love?

LLD is now open in eight states across the US; NY, NJ, CT, PA, IL, GA, TX and CA. If you are interested in joining our troupe email us today


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