Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Woodloch Resort, The Perfect Escape

Remember Charlie the lil’ boy in The Santa Claus when he was whisked off to the North Pole by Santa ‘his dad’ and that look on his face when he entered Santa’s workshop? That is how I felt when I went to Woodloch Resort last week. It is rare, as an adult in the big city, to feel like you’re a kid again. That is why Woodloch Resort is the perfect weekend getaway. They bring it back.

Like Charlie I was immediately greeted with a smiling face. Herb introduced me to the history of Woodloch and told me his entire family worked at the resort. He’s proud of his job, his family and his hometown. That enthusiastic personality was consistent with everyone I met at Woodloch.

Woodloch is a kid’s dream. Each child's face would light up with joy as Tigger entered the dining area followed by Snow White for the dinner time entertainment. For the long winter weekends Woodloch has an indoor jungle gym for the kids, a huge a gym equipped with capable friendly staff to play games, an indoor water park, theater for fun enjoyable entertainment and I cannot tell you how top-notch the entertainment really was. They did an incredible job of entertaining for all ages; it was both colorful and educational.

And don’t forget their outdoor activities which are endless; skiing, hiking, go-carts, swimming, boating, rowing, golf and be sure to check out their new horseback stables. Seriously anything you want to do they have it.

I timed my trip to Woodloch perfectly with my parent’s trip to the Poconos. My parents are both retired teachers and are already planning our family trip to Woodloch. For dinner we enjoyed shrimp cocktail to start followed by fresh salmon with wild rice and green beans. It was that Midwest hospitality and home cooking that I miss so much that Woodloch really provided.

The next morning we made our way to The Spa, the adult only tranquil part of the resort. Now this is an adults dream. Enjoy organic eggs, fruit shakes and homemade banana bread while you read the paper next to the fireplace looking out at the rustic view. Next stop is the indoor pool and be sure to dip into the outdoor hot tub overlooking the mountains. Want to get a massage? No problem. Choose from a luscious list of pampering. Looking to do a little shopping? Check out the hotel shop, I’m not kidding you the clothes are adorable. Here is a picture of me in one of my favorite pieces.

My mother and I finished up our trip touring the amazing golf course and private homes they offer to their visiting families. You can choose a home based on your family size. The homes are new, fully furnished and easily accessible to the rest of the resort. What a wonderful place to meet the family for a holiday or weekend getaway. Woodloch is a family owned business. They pride themselves on making their visitors feel a part of the family and they do an absolute superb job.

Book your trip today at www.woodloch.com or feel free to contact me for more information. I’d be happy to help you plan your getaway! Mention Lucky Lil' Darlings now through December 31st first time guests can save $100 on your reservation.  Restrictions apply, based on availability, cannot be combined with other offers, limit 1 per reservation.

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