Friday, November 11, 2011

Chess NYC and LLD!

This week LLD was lucky enough to talk to Chess NYC about how they got their feet on the ground and what events are coming up on their calendar. Chess NYC is the perfect combination of what they call mind, body, and soul. They bring people together who love chess through tournaments, lessons, and other fun-filled events. Kids and adults of all ages are involved with the organization, and numbers are growing! And now, from a chess-lover and Chess NYC employee, Michael Propper:

How did Chess NYC get started?
Russ Makofsky started Chess NYC in 2007 after observing and playing chess with a consistent group outdoors on the Upper West Side. In 2008, Russ and I partnered and began sharing the great game of Chess in a way it had never been done before...Now 3 years and 7000+ players later, we're still just getting started and clients keep getting younger and younger.


Tell us about your upcoming chess events for kids?
Chess NYC Programs and Events occur yearlong: from lessons to classes to tournaments, camps and more! An upcoming event would be our Turkey Tournament open to all ages, 4 to 104 where every player can go home with a turkey. Winners bring home the Thanksgiving Dinner, totally legit. But something is going on every day.

LLD is very excited to have Chess NYC as our exclusive chess-tutoring provider, tell us what made you want to become part of the LLD family?
Safely assisting in the transporting of our littlest Chess Players has always been a goal of ours. Being able to partner with such a thoughtful and credible organization creates infinite possibilities for everyone, LLD, Chess NYC and families throughout the city, it provides greater reach to the youngest talent pool out there. The Lucky Lil Darlings Chess Buddies Group that you came up with is a brilliant and FUN way to bring Chess and children together.

What’s your favorite Chess NYC event of the year?
I have no favorite Chess NYC Event. We just try to out do the last one every time out. But in August we are hosting a Camp with the # 1 Chess Player on the planet, 21-year-old phenomenon GM Magnus Carlsen.  He's a great all around guy and a ridiculously good/great Chess player. That one will be hard to top!

Who’s your favorite chess player?
Too many to name but one of my local favorites is Justus Williams. Justus is just 12 years, already a Chessmaster and well on his way to becoming a Grandmaster. He is a fine young man and an example for all young people to follow.

How does a family get involved with Chess NYC & LLD?
We're easy to find, we're everywhere. and

Thanks Michael! We can't wait to start working with Chess NYC!

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