Saturday, November 5, 2011

intenSati, the new way for moms to work out

Hey moms! Are you sick of your routine at the gym? Can’t get yourself to jump back on the same old treadmill or elliptical? We have the inside scoop from Jolynn Baca about intenSati, a revolutionary way of working out. IntenSati is a high-energy cardio workout that incorporates aerobics, martial arts, and endurance exercises and combines them with positive thinking to empower women. The results are mind-blowing! Lucky Lil’ Darlings is partnering with Jolynn during her month long intenSati class for moms being offered at Ripley-Grier Studios in New York. LLD sitters will provide childcare to moms while they’re working out. Now moms don’t have to worry about being able to get out of the house to go to the gym! If you don’t believe us now look at the inspiring words of Jolynn below about how she got involved with intenSati and why she loves it so much.

What inspired you to begin teaching IntenSati?
I had a friend who taught intenSati and was the happiest person I
knew.... she told me her secret was intenSati.  I wanted to feel that great

Watching you instruct is motivating enough, but what other tactics can you offer to women following your class to stay motivated and inspired?

Staying motivated and inspired is the biggest roadblock to success of any
type!  The key is to remind yourself why you're doing something.  Revisit
the reason you started in the first place to reignite your energy.  Remind
yourself what it is you really want and why it's worth a little focus,
perseverance and faith in yourself. Whether it's getting to an exercise
class, following a healthy diet, creating a great home life or building a
career, the basic questions are always the same...."What do you REALLY want
and are you WILLING to do what it takes to get it?"

The mission of intenSati is to live a life you love in a body you love.  We
work on the physical body with the workout, but even more important is the
mental workout intenSati provides.  We speak positive affirmations while we
work out and set a private intention at the beginning of each class.  We do
these things to remind ourselves that our thoughts and words have
power...sometimes the conversations we have with ourselves are not very nice
and we don't even realize we're sabotaging ourselves.  By speaking out loud,
we are made aware of our thoughts and repeat positive words over and over so
that eventually these words become the new conversation in our head and we
feel empowered.

A weekly dose of encouragement and mega calorie burning brings me back every

This is the first time you are offering an exclusive class to mommies. What made you want to offer this?

I have been teaching fitness for ten years.  I have only been teaching
intenSati for two years, but no other fitness class has had such a profound
impact on my life.  One of the amazing effects of these classes is the
sense of community that they form.  Since I am recently married and my husband and
I are considering starting a family of our own, I thought what a fantastic
opportunity to create a community of which I want to belong.  Lots of first
time moms seem to have questions the books didn't answer and they don't
always have mom friends to ask for advice.  This is the support system I
want to create with intenSati for Mommies.  I also want to encourage women
who are contemplating motherhood to join us and have their questions
answered by people who have already done it. AND we have our monthly "Mommy
Talks".  Once a month an expert guest speaker addresses relevant topics such
as prenatal nutrition, acupuncture for fertility and delivery, balancing
motherhood and work and so much more!

I know that sometimes gyms can feel intimidating.  My goal is to create a
nurturing environment for mothers trying to regain their pre-baby bodies or
safely exercise while pregnant.

I also know how hard it is for mothers to find time for themselves.... an
essential component of healthy living.  That's why partnering with Lucky Lil' Darlings was such a fantastic gift!  Now moms can BRING their
little ones with them to the studio without incurring childcare costs for
travel time or worrying that they're in good hands. They're eating organic
snacks and making crafts with your professional staff in a room's great!

Thanks so much to Jolynn for all the great insight! Moms, you can sign up here for the class being offered in November. Keep checking back with LLD!

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