Wednesday, November 2, 2011

LLD's Hope 2.0 Plan

One of my sitters and good friends sent me an article from The Economist “The Year of Hope 2.0” by Arianna Huffington. I always liked Arianna ever since I saw her speak at Radio City back in 2008. I have been meeting with professional, smart women now more than ever who are looking for work and trying to keep going during this ‘recession’ or whatever we are calling it now. 

I feel it is so important to have a strong network that you can go to when you need career assistance, job referrals, networking & event opportunities and side jobs to keep you afloat in the mean time.  LLD’s goal is to provide these qualified, wonderful women a networking platform where they can go to stay inspired and motivated. Whether you are new to a city or looking to meet new people after a job change, LLD will provide you with tips to get involved in the community, meet new families, what events to stop by and even post announcements you can share with the rest of the LLD sitter network.

I agree with Arianna, we all need to stop relying on Washington to make the changes; the changes come from within each of us. LLD is excited to launch this initiative and make even more of an impact on the lives of our sitters just like they make a significant difference in the lives of our family’s children.

Check out the article here


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