Thursday, January 5, 2012

Emergency Mani/Pedi?? Nail Taxi NYC to the rescue!

Have you ever been stuck in the office and really need that manicure? Nail Taxi can come to your rescue! Since 2005, Nail Taxi has been serving women by visiting them at their homes, in the hospital, at their office, and even at or before their weekend parties and providing them with top-notch manis and pedis. There are locations all over the USA in Atlanta, Chicago, LA, Washington D.C, and of course, NYC. Nail Taxi offers basic manicures and pedicures and even signature services that include a relaxing soak, massage, and a revitalizing mask or scrub. Who wouldn't want to have a Peppermint Pleasure Pedicure or Cinnamon Bun Manicure in the comfort of their own home! After talking with Danielle, the owner of Nail Taxi NYC, we were able to get the back story on how she started the business in New York. Keep reading for some exciting news about the future of her businses!!

How did you come up with the idea of Nail Taxi NYC?
Prior to owning Nail Taxi NYC, I owned Passionate Planning, a spa and event planning company in Long Island. The success in Long Island intrigued me to branch out to, NYC.  As I researched the mobile spas in NYC, I noticed that Nail Taxi was well known for fashion week events but no one owned the licensee.  Fast forward, Passionate Planning and Nail Taxi merged.  Nail Taxi Nyc is a licensee with several locations around the USA.  My family and I own the NY licensee.

Tell us some great benefits for moms that use your service?
Moms love our services because we bring the spa to them while the babies or toddlers are napping, at play dates or at school.  Most moms prefer evening appointments; they put the children to bed, settle down with a glass of wine and treat themselves to a spa mani/pedi. We value client suggestions! In Spring 2012, we are launching Spa Taxi.  An exclusive sister company only in New York.  Spa Taxi will offer skincare, weight loss, body treatments and more.
Where is Nail Taxi NYC now available for moms?
We currently offer services in the five boroughs and Nassau County.  We are looking forward to offering services in Suffolk County and the Hamptons this summer.

Thanks so much Danielle for all this great inside info! Visit Nail Taxi NYC's facebook and follow them on twitter to stay up to date on deals as well as the development of Spa Taxi!


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