Monday, January 23, 2012

5 signs of a great sitter

When do you know you found a top-notch sitter? Here are my 5 signs of a great sitter!

She asks questions! Your sitter is through, savvy & smart. You know you found a gem if she asks you for the 411 before she starts babysitting. Does your lil’ one have allergies? Can you give me a tour of your home so I know where everything is? Is there anything you need me to do for you when the kids fall asleep? 

      She doesn’t look at her phone every 5 minutes. The sitter’s attention should be fully on your child. I frequently see nannies pushing strollers talking on their phones. How can a childcare provider push a stroller, hold up a phone up to her ear and pay attention to your child’s needs? I understand the headset in one ear and the other ear for the child for a quick call, but long time phone conversations are a NO. Also, I don’t like when sitters are constantly texting. Never should a sitter answer a phone call on the job when the kids are awake, unless they ask permission ahead of time.

      She is CPR Trained/Certified and knows the ropes of fire safety.  Wouldn’t you feel safer if your childcare provider could administer CPR if necessary? Or if someone is choking and your child needs the Heimlich?  Go with someone that is confident, educated and prepared.

     College-Educated & Professional. She has her 4-year degree, and possibly beyond. She is working full/part-time and has an impressive career.  She’s well rounded, traveled and brings her experience to provide the best childcare for your child.

     She can put on a show! Your child learns something new from her every time. She either brings activities, or has some great new activity for the kids to play with. She’s unique and fun, and your child looks forward to her visit every time.


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