Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do you need to Cut the Clutter in your house?

Do you throw everything to the floor in your closet when you are scampering for an outfit? Is your office a dangerous war zone littered with piles of paper about to collapse everywhere you move? Cut the Clutter can help you! Founded in 2008 by a Long Island native, Natalie Schrier, Cut the Clutter can organize anything: kitchens, bathrooms, garages, bedrooms, offices, and those dreaded closets. LLD was able to talk to Natalie about the ambition behind her business and what really gets her motivated to Cut the Clutter and help people all over New York. 

How did Cut the Clutter begin? 
Truth?  I was tired of working in corporate America, I wanted to be my own boss, and organizing is what I'm good at!  I started doing research, discovered that there was a whole professional organizing industry out there, and boom - instant entrepreneurship! I don't know if that's such an interesting story though :).  

Why did you chose to do organizing? 
I've always been organized, and a career as a professional organizer allows me to tap into that, as well as use my background in Psychology. 

What kinds of spaces do you organize? 
Closets, home offices, play rooms, kitchens, everything!  Paper clutter, general de-cluttering... you name it, I do it! 

What is your favorite part of the job? 
All of it!!  But if I had to name my top 3 favorite parts, #1 - Helping people - it's really rewarding and gratifying!  #2 - The challenge of making a space functional (I'm super competitive, even with myself!) #3 - Meeting so many interesting and unique individuals, most of whom have a sense of humor :). 

Give us the 411 of how someone can start using your services? 
Email me at, visit or give me a call at 646-734-3802.  I offer a complimentary in-home consultation for all clients.  "Like" Cut The Clutter on Facebook to see organizing tips, articles and fun before and after photos.  Follow Cut The Clutter on Twitter.

Tell us about these before and after photos! 
Those pictures are from one of my first clients almost 3 years ago!  She called me when she couldn't find her Uggs in her chaotic closet (there were all sorts of clothes and shoes piled up about 2 feet off the floor of the closet) and she just got fed up.  We worked together for 6.5 hours and purged 15 big trash bags of clothing/shoes.  Grouped like items together. Swapped out all of her old chunky hangers for slimline hangers AND to help the client get a better idea of what she was wearing/not wearing going forward, we turned all of the hangers backwards - whenever she wore something and put it back, the hanger got hung the correct way.  This way she could see at-a-glance at the end of a season which articles didn't make the cut and should therefore be purged. The end result?  A totally functional and uncluttered closet!  

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