Monday, December 5, 2011

Pure Yoga East Hosts LLD for CPR & Fire Safety Training

Thanks to all of our LLD sitters who attended our Annual Fire Department of New York (FDNY) CPR & Fire Safety Training hosted this year by Pure Yoga East

It was fun to meet new local families outside of Pure Yoga prior to our training-thank goodness it was warm! Mackie, Bridget & Jennifer all stick out as stellar salesladies! And it was great that all of our sitters could meet one another and I could introduce you to our new CT Coordinator Ilene Young. Welcome Ilene! 

FDNY did a great job of giving us in depth training on the latest fire safety tips & Betty FDNY personnel who is an American Heart Association Certified CPR instructor rocked it out on teaching us the ropes of how CPR can make a difference between life and death. 

A few important points that stand out from the Fire Safety Training that I thought were interesting:
1. Use baking soda on a grease fire if you can’t find the fire extinguisher
2. Remember the acronym PASS when using a fire extinguisher: PULL, AIM, SQUEEZE & SIDE TO SIDE
3. When leaving a building on fire always close the doors behind you!

Thank you to Greg our yoga instructor for the perfect holiday unwinding remedy- Vinyasa. I can’t wait to go back tomorrow, Tuesday 12/6 to take his 8:30am class. Pure Yoga East is offering all LLD sitters & families who are interested a three day membership.  Just mention LLD, offer expires 2/24/12.

Also thank you to our sponsors Pure Yoga East, The Soft Serve Fruit Co, Snikiddy and CleanWell and to our photographer Ken Adell for the great photos.

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