Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Gifts for a Two Year Old!

One of my friends, who just happens to be one of six boys with a boat load of nieces and nephews, emailed me today and like most of us is not yet done with his holiday shopping! He asks, what do I get a two year old? 

Well let me help you out!

1.    How about a tricycle? Standard yes, but how fun for the kids to play with in the basement or playroom.  They can burn off some energy riding around on his or her very own set of wheels. Get one decked out in his or her favorite color. Check out these tricycles on Squidoo?

2.    Every kid needs a wagon. Every time I go to my grandma’s in Ohio I always see the Radio-Flyer Wagon sitting full of toys near the window. It’s a classic and can be used in many different ways.

3.  Art supplies are a must! What kid doesn’t want to make mommy or daddy a card? It’s the perfect distraction and indoor activity when the kids get bored. Start a store and have the kids make crafts to sell. Shop now from one of my favorites Creativity for Kids.

4.    Get a play kitchen set.  During those long winter days you will need something that the kids can use while you are cooking. Have them emulate you in the kitchen with their very own kitchen play center like this one from Melissa & Doug.

5.    Bath toys.  Bath time can be ummm difficult.  As part of your daily routine nothing will get more wear and tear.  Try bath crayons that you can use on the tub to draw or I like The Slash Pack from The Land of Nod.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday shopping!



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