Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Décor on a budget

Luxe for Less: Holiday Décor on a budget grabbed my attention on Daily Thread!

Daily Thread is where moms discuss one interesting topic per day. You can  join the live chat and post your questions, concerns and comments with other moms.

Yesterday, they shared their favorite budget-saving holiday decor tips that will make you look like decorator extraordinaire. 

Here are their tips in case they have been taken down:

  1. Create a fragrant greenery door swag or wreath on your front door. When you buy your Christmas tree, ask for the extra evergreen branches. You can also check your backyard for these branches.  
  2. Festive starbursts make a great impact on any table. These objects usually cost a lot of money. How about making your own for under $5.00?!  
  3. Inspired by mountain pines, create a wintery welcome in your entryway featuring oversize containers filled with evergreens or other dwarf style holiday plants or flowers.   
  4. Make an elegant table display in 2 minutes! Place assorted glass ornament balls in various sizes and colors in footed glass bowls or under a glass cloiche.  
  5. Shimmer and glitter is a big part of holiday decor. Newspaper or fabric scraps are something we all have or can easily access. Get the entire family involved in making glittered, paper ornaments or shimmering stacked trees for this special time of year. Wrap the items in tissue paper at the end of season and store for next year.  
  6. Embellish plain branches you may already have in a glass vase. Tie holiday colorful ribbons and other embellishments onto the branches to transform them into a holiday masterpiece.  
  7. For your holiday dinner, decorate the dining chairs with greens and ribbon. This simple idea will make your table look like you hired a professional.

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