Thursday, December 15, 2011

What is Sage Spoonfuls?

LLD is proud to introduce our families to our new friend Sage Spoonfuls founder Liza Huber. You may know the busy mother of three from the NBC daytime drama Passions. She also had the honor of being Miss Golden Globe in the year 2000. Her mother is Emmy-Award winning Susan Lucci of "All My Children". I invite you to get to know Liza-she’s great!

Liza and her family

It is always so interesting to hear everyone’s story on how they got started. What inspired you?

My children were, and continue to be, my inspiration for Sage Spoonfuls.  I first had the idea 5 years ago when my oldest was born and I started making his baby food.  There were no products on the market that made it easy for moms.  Then, when my second son came 2 months early and spent 6 weeks in the NICU, I knew I wouldn’t go back to work in the traditional sense for a while so I could be home with him.  That was when I decided to pursue and develop my idea for Sage Spoonfuls, because I could work from home.  When I was pregnant with our third baby, our daughter Hayden, I was on bed rest for the second half of my pregnancy.  That is when I finished my book and pulled it all together.  Royce was the initial inspiration, Brendan was the decision to pursue it and Hayden was the catalyst to get it all pulled together! 

What is your favorite simple recipe that you recommend to busy moms?

As a mom, my motto is “Sanity lies in preparation”.  That is the idea behind Sage Spoonfuls.  All baby food recipes are simple, but the key to making it easy is by preparing the foods in bulk and storing in Sage Spoonfuls jars in the freezer.  This way, you always have a stock of fresh, delicious and healthy baby food available.  All you need is 1 hour every 2 weeks, minimal effort for maximum benefit!

Tell us about your book!

I had so much fun writing my book and I am really excited about the finished product.  Sage Spoonfuls – Simple Recipes, Healthy Meals, Happy Babies is full of recipes, information and ideas from one busy, on-the-go mom to another!  My book includes everything you need to know about introducing and feeding your baby solids, including bonus family favorite recipes the entire family, babies and toddlers included, can enjoy together!  Moms will also find the most up-to-date information on food allergies, nutrition, foods to avoid, infant CPR, organics, finger foods, and much more!  There is even a journal section after each age group to keep track of your baby’s favorite foods.  My book is pediatrician recommended and filled with delicious, simple recipes and hundreds of yummy combinations to fit every baby’s needs.   Plus, it is full of fun commentary and beautiful photos to keep you excited about giving your baby the healthiest start to life!

If moms are looking for a last minute gift for their parent friends, what do you recommend?

Sage Spoonfuls of course! Click here to shop now!

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