Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LLD introduces Wellyfish!

A friend of mine called on me last night to introduce me to Wellyfish, the best in wellness deals in NYC & Los Angeles.

They are introducing A Midwife’s Gift pregnancy packs for each trimester.

Wellyfish, the new, trendy conscious deal site, has partnered with Shop Vital Child, creator of the meticulously designed A Midwife's Gift pregnancy baskets, for its exclusive launch. Devoted to the optimal health of pregnant women and their babies, these one-of-a-kind baskets are up to 32% off for 3 days only at

There are three different basket options for each trimester to choose from, (Princess, Queen, & Goddess), and all include a generous array of cutting edge, safe, and effective natural health supplements. Supporting women from pregnancy to labor to post-childbirth... all in one beautiful basket! 

And here is a sneak peek of what is included inside each pack!

Ginger Honey Tonic
Heather's Tummy Organic Fennel Tea Bags
Perfect Prenatal
Algal Oil Omega 3 EPA/DHA
Decadently Healthy Raw Chocolates
Organic Raspberry Tea
Dr. Ohira's Probiotics
Oh baby!™ belly butter
Bone Strength Take Care (Calcium)
The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal
Organic Hemp Seed (Protein/Omega 3's)
Max B-ND (B-Complex)
Ina Mae Gaskin Guide To Child birth
Vitamineral Green Version 5
Quinton Hypertonic
Ola Loa Sport Drink & much more!

For more information visit Wellyfish.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Stumped on what to get for the perfect birthday present??

Now that you have your shower gifting complete time to get that unique birthday gift that everyone talks about!

Lets say you have a birthday party for 3 yr old boy, where should you start?

Start with a Splendid brand pull over hoodie striped in blue perfect for spring break and the beach. This vacation must have is both soft and comfy, click here for more info.

Pair it with khaki shorts, jeans or my favorite navy cargo pants. Check out the cargo pants here, they go with almost anything and are comfy enough to play around in.

Go with Melissa & Doug's Band in a Box. It comes fully equipped with 5 different instruments where your child can pretend to host a concert, throw a performance for the family, have a playdate or start a band. Perfect for kids 3+ yrs.

Budget total $140

Bundle NYC down in Soho is both fresh and welcoming!

All items can be purchased at Bundle NYC, the quaint boutique downtown. Need more convincing? Ask Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Alicia keys or Pink who are all recent shoppers.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Get Your Must Have Baby Shower Gift!

Behind on your shopping for your line-up of baby showers this spring?

Here is our LLD Approved top pick for your next " its a girl" baby shower!

Angel Dear gowns are quick and easy for a diaper change, good for girls and boys and best yet it covers the entire leg so your lil' one doesn't get cold.  The ensemble  comes with lil' cap too. Pick between the adorable  birdie print in pink, owls in white & grey or elephants  in blue.

Since spring break is around the corner don't forget to include a Jack Webster Passport Holder for those kiddies that already love to travel.

And to complete the gift go with the Little Giraffe muslin swaddling blanket set, a Rachel Zoe favorite. This breathable blanket offers sun protection and shade while you swaddle your baby to help them sleep, like they are back in the whom.

Budget total: Only $103!

LLD Founder Lindsay Bell & Bundle Owner Allison O'Neill
All items can be purchased at Bundle NYC, the quaint boutique downtown. Need more convincing? Ask Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba, Alicia keys or Pink who are all recent shoppers.

Happy gifting!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Windy City Families what are your plans for the weekend?

One of our Chicago sitters did some digging, and here is what she found going on in Chicago for the weekend:

Have a great weekend to all our LLD families!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why pay a membership for a sitter service?

We often get asked, "Why should I pay a membership fee to hire a sitter" and the answer is simple...

Mom and dad's are very busy and juggling family, work, and life can be such a daily challenge. Add in trying to find trustworthy sitters through one's personal network, then screening those prospective sitters and the process can be daunting.

Joining an elite company such as Lucky Lil' Darlings (LLD) enables you to take the trouble, and hard work out of the mix.  First and foremost, LLD is a trusted company that hand selects each sitter. In addition to finding top-notch sitters, we conduct extensive screening, ensuring a properly background checked and college educated sitter.  In addition, we have also perfected the LLD sitter match. We are experts at finding the right sitter for your kids and ensure a fun, reliable addition to your family, making the process secure and painless. 

Having a reliable person you can speak with about your individual family needs also really takes the pressure off. Sometimes you need to discuss options for your child-sitting needs. Whether you need a weekly sitter for date night, a holiday sitter for your next family vacation or just an extra set of hands on the weekends, LLD's personal service really helps configure the best solution for your family. We have loads of experienced sitters for all occasions: parties, vacations, corporate events etc, and we've seen it all. The level of experience we provide is hard to match, and as an LLD member you can tap into our information anytime, with a quick call or email.

Another great benefit is being able to book sitters last minute. Even if your "regular" nanny/sitter is booked, LLD has an extensive database of amazing, available sitters, and can accommodate last minute requests: what's better than that!? 

Here are some of the highlights to being an LLD member:

--LLD’s sitters are the best in the business and become true, long term role models for your children.

--LLD provides a loyal and genuine local community for elite, urban families. Our families are friends, we have great local events that enable fun family networking, hearing about amazing local deals and being plugged in to a wonderful group of mom and dad's that like you are looking to engage.

--LLD’s Secure Screening Process is extensive, organized, and thorough to always ensure your Lil’ Darlings are always in the best of hands.

--LLD’s core mission is to provide the utmost highest quality of family care solutions in a convenient & efficient manner.  We have the reputation in the business for finding the best childcare providers for your family. 

--LLD’s comprehensive suite of family care offerings reduces daily stress for busy, modern families. You tell us what you need and we do all the work!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ahhh Another Travel Necessity!

Spring break is around the corner and that means it's time for us to compile our favorite list of travel activities to inspire, educate and distract your children. Here is our first!

I was introduced to Lazoo at the J&R Jr. store launch a few weeks back. I was immediately drawn to the bright colors inspired by the brand's mission and interested in learning how to get this creative tool in front of the children we babysit. I was informed that Lazoo is designed to best engage children's natural play patterns as a means of fostering creative thinking.  Hmmm tell me more...

On my recent trip from Chicago (where LLD newly opened shop this February) I met an adorable two year old girl  on my flight and quickly introduced her mother to the Lazoo app. She was fussy and crying sitting on her mother's lap, but her eyes opened wide and the tears stopped as she watched in awe of the ocean picture in front of her on my iPad.  We made swiggles in the waves, painted a sun in her favorite color yellow, and made fishy faces. Next we tried out the tree with bird. We drew nests for all the mama birds and added baby birds to the mix. Our last project was the free draw where we drew a spider crawling up a water spout, I sang as she looked on in awe. Itsy, bitsy spider crawled up the water spout...

This app was a life saver! It helped divert the child's uneasiness into creative thinking. Not only did it encourage interest, openness and positive emotion it made all the other travelers nearby smile as the child calmed down:)

For more info on Lazoo visit or you can easily download the app for free on your iPad!

Monday, February 20, 2012

STRUT! The fashionable mom show!

Mother of three, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, is the Director of Fashion at the Lincoln Center in NYC as well as the liaison between countless parties involved in fashion week. Stephanie believes that mothers can not only be fashionable, but they can also gain strength from mixing style and raising children while working! You really can have it all! Stephanie ensures readers that her family always comes first, and her lil' ones are constantly in her office. In fact, at this weeks fashion week Stephanie's daughter was taken through the Barbie dream closet... what little girl wouldn't dream of that!

Stephanie believes in empowering moms for all their hard work, which is why she loved the idea of a mom fashion show at fashion week! In collaboration with The Moms, Mom-entum, Big Fuel and Getting Gorgeous, Stephanie was vital in the development of "Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show". Why not bring couture to moms everywhere! The event featured over 20 moms wearing designer and non-designer clothing friendly for all shapes and sizes. Here's a picture from MSNBC of the moms workin' it!

In the article focusing on Stephanie in she says, "I didn't just love the concept" of a mom show, it resonated with her personality with her extremely busy schedule as founding director of fashion at Lincoln Center she constantly struggles with balancing work and family. Stephanie pulls off both, and proves it is possible to have it all! To watch a video about the mom-friendly fashion show visit the website here.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Here's to all our Atlanta Families!

Here we come! LLD has reached yet another big east coast city: Atlanta. We've already rounded up some of the best sitters in town and are ready to help with everyone's lil' ones down south. If you're stumped about something to do for the weekend in the city, one of our newest sitters Courtney Kligman has given us her tips for the weekend! Thanks Courtney!

  1. Center for Puppetry Arts Not only do they have shows that will appeal to the whole family - right now, they are performingSpace!; the Center has a museum and puppet making workshops. 
  2. The Little House of Art Get creative with your little ones! A fun place to paint, sculpt, and use your imagination. Check out their website to see special events like Princess Day.
  3. Piedmont Park For only $15 per session, the Rink at Piedmont Park, offers an ice skating rink within a heated garden tent!

Make sure you check out Courtney's suggestions to do with the lil' ones this weekend. Have a great friday and keep tuned for more posts from LLD!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Plan your child’s birthday party with Blast Events!

Annie Steinberg–Joachim has been in the events industry for 10+ years. She has built her reputation on being an upbeat event planner who is extremely detail oriented. 

What sparked Blast Events? 
Blast Events NYC was sparked by the birthday of my nephews Jackson and Truman. They are the most fun little guys in the world. I was in event planning for 10 years and feeling like I needed a change, once the boys were born I realized I could still do event planning, but for children. After my sister in law let me plan a few of their birthday parties and all the moms started to inquire about my services, I had the confidence to start Blast Events NYC.

Tell us a bit about the events that you work on? 
We work on all types of events, they just have to be about children. We do baby showers, a briss, a baby naming, birthday parties and everything in between. My favorite is a birthday party. When you see a child walk in to their own party and they light up, it's such a good feeling. We work on events of all sizes, we've done events in a Manhattan apartment and events located in Cipriani - so really no job too big, no job too small - when your job doesn't feel like work you just go with the flow and enjoy! 

What is your favorite project thus far? 
Well this is my favorite question, thus far.. I love the parties we produce, they are all special to me, but my favorite project was a 1st birthday for a child named Jacob. The theme was a safari and it was held in their beautiful Chelsea apartment. I would say it was my favorite because the family was lovely to work with. His mommy was very involved in the planning process, but was very gentle and welcoming to our suggestions. It was the perfect balance of an involved mom but one who wasn't a control freak. When you hire a party planner you have to know that they are the expert, not you! This mom welcomed our suggestions and still gave her opinion, it was just perfect. Once we arrived at the party her guest treated us like guest. The entire party, family and friends were by far the nicest people we have ever worked with. We made them a beautiful photo album of pictures from the day to say thank you. My wish is that we will be able to work with them on more events in the future. 

 For more info on blast events click here!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feel the LOVE at Cycle for Survival

For Valentine’s Day this year I wanted to highlight a cause that always makes me smile. You can literally feel the love at the annual events hosted in Equinox gyms across the US.

That event is Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Cycle for Survival, the indoor cycling fundraiser raising awareness for rare cancers. LLD was there happy to support the very important cause.

At Cycle for Survival we had our sitters and my family (my mom’s mother had brain cancer and this makes us feel like we are connecting to her again) working check-in, on-site managing and babysitting in the Kids Zone! 

One of our sitters Bridget said, “it’s so incredible to me just how many people Jen (Cycle for Survival’s founder) touched.  She must have been such an incredible woman”.  Learn more about Jen’s story by watching this video

I’m personally touched by Emma’s story, I worked with her dad promoting the event last year in Chicago. Emma’s team is Emma’s Eight, read about her story here

And back home in NYC, our girl Perry, who we’ve babysat for the past 4 years, read about her story on her mom’s blog. And get this her mother rode for 8hrs Sunday! Go Anne!

Next year LLD needs to get a bike!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 13, 2012

A Valentine's Celebration

Today the Tottenville Library on Staten Island had a Valentine's Day Celebration for lil' ones of all ages. Toddlers of three and pre-teens of twelve were welcomed into the library to celebrate all the love that Valentine's Day brings. With a library filled with stories of love, where better to spend the afternoon! Some of our favorite children's books for Valentine's Day are Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse! and Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine. How could you not love these children's books! While spending the afternoon surrounded by moms dads and other lil' friends, kids could make their own candy necklaces and enjoy the magic of the library. 

If you're still looking for a V-Day activity for the kids, the Ottendorfer Library is having a Hearts and Flowers afternoon where heart-warming stories will be read to the lil' ones while they make exciting pop up cards. Keep an eye out at New York Public Library's website for more upcoming events at other public libraries all over the greater NY area. Don't forget to follow them too @nyplkids!

Friday, February 10, 2012

LLD is Opening in AUSTIN! Meet our City Coordinator!

Meet our City Coordinator in Austin: Mandy Takacs. Lindsay (our founder) & Mandy met in college through their sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma.  Mandy grew up 20 miles away from Lindsay outside of Cleveland, Ohio (but we had no idea at the time!) She was was a cheerleader and a Girl Scout growing up and has always adored children. She currently lives in Austin and works in real estate.

Here are her three favorite things to do on the weekend here in Austin:

- The farmers market downtown is great. I love buying produce from local farmers, and the organic homemade tamales are delicious!

- Renting a canoe or kayak on town lake is always easy and fun! $10 for an hour of paddling down the lake/river.

- Taking a walk down South Congress and wandering into some shops can fill an afternoon. Stop by Amy's Ice Cream with the kids to try the most amazing, original ice cream in Austin. With flavors like Shiner Beer for the grown ups and Sweet Cream for the kids, you can't go wrong.

Follow Mandy @MandyTAustin or email her at

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bring Back Family Dinners!

By Allison Brooks

This is the 21st Century! Home of the overworked, underpaid, tired and in dire need of "me" time. Parents, children, husbands, wives and extended family are become isolated from each other, due to disparate schedules, after school activities, work and a myriad of other reasons. These days, people go to the nearest drive thru and eat on the run, order takeout and plop down on the counter, or use convenience and processed foods to prepare some semblance of a meal.

Family dynamics may have changed in the past 50 years, but the inherent desire to hold the family together still remains important. Circumstances might indicate that the concept of family is disintegrating and that may be the case for some people. The simple fact is that we are human and we need each other. A way that we can keep our family units strong and together is to sit together and to eat together. We need to nourish not only our bodies, but also our minds, spirits and souls.

Research has shown that families that make the time to have dinner together are happier, stronger and better prepared to negotiate life's difficulties. Eating together is a mutually beneficial experience for adults and children. Sitting and enjoying a meal together promotes open communication, better appetites and a more positive outlook on life. This is why many RD’s and nurses recommend a family meal at least once a day. Not only in the home but facilities like nursing homes and cancer facilities ask families to visit to have a meal together. Since the idea of a short life-expectancy can make one feel isolated, a family meal makes them feel closer and more at peace.

If you have not engaged in this practice, there is no better time than now. Getting everyone together to eat without distractions is going to take inner strength and resilience, but once you overcome the objections and excuses, your loved ones will start coming around. In fact, your family might even look forward to the family meal time.

There are both extrinsic and intrinsic benefits for eating together. Decide today that you will make the time and a lovingly prepared meal for your family. Everyone will thank you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What is your sitter back-up plan?

What is your babysitter back-up plan?

Kids are sick and home from school.

Nanny or regular sitter is sick.

Grandparents, friends are at work…


It is important for every family to have a go-to sitter service, group or person that you can rely on for those last minute curve balls.  Check out this article on Daily Worth. They recommend strategizing, network and budgeting. I agree, be sure to have at least two go-to sitters or agencies on speed dial in case the need arises, where you can call one of them and pretty much be guaranteed a sitter for the next day.

Last Thursday I was at dinner around 10pm when I received the frantic message, OUR NANNY IS SICK…HELP! Luckily we had a sitter at her place at 8:30am the next day. But to alleviate stress be prepared with your back-up!


Monday, February 6, 2012

Downtown Parents: Your Winter Woes have been Solved!

Prior to the Super bowl this Sunday, I enjoyed the launch of 40-year old family run business J&R’s new baby…you guessed it J&R Jr. 

Kid zone at J & R

Thank goodness, a solution for downtown parents on where to take their tikes during those long winter weekends in NYC!

Father of two Jason Friedman, and son of J&R founder Joe wanted to develop a family hot spot that offers parents and particular new and expectant moms and dads a mix of excellent products and expert service.  Major brands that you can find in the store include: Quinny, Melissa & Doug, my personal new favorite LAZOO, Leapfrog & more!

A few of our LLD kiddies about to watch the Princess show!

 Thanks to Dada Rocks for inviting LLD to be a part of the event!

Check out New York Family’s interview with Jason here.

For more information on J&R Jr. click here


Friday, February 3, 2012

Lil' tips from a LA LLD Sitter

Los Angeles is a great place to spend quality time with your family especially outdoors. Meet our Los Angeles City Coordinator Paige Williams on what she tries to take full advantage of in LA with the lil’ ones:
  1. The Grove - An outdoor mall with lots of things to do! Check online for weekly kid friendly activities hosted at the Grove
  2. The Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits - A fun hands on museum, with lots of outdoor playing space
  3. The Los Angeles Zoo - The zoo has lions and tigers and bears! And also a park and brand new carrousel for the kids to ride!
Paige has been nannying/ baby-sitting for over 10 years. She has worked as a music teacher and swim instructor. She enjoys being creative, active, and fostering the growth of young children. Paige loves entertaining the children she babysits whether its creating and performing a princess musical in the living room or playing soccer in the park. 

If you are interested in becoming a LLD LA family or sitter please contact

Thursday, February 2, 2012

In a time crunch? We can help!

Did anyone see the recent article in “The Wall Street Journal” Is a Babysitter the Answer? Click here to read. 

Basically this mother has managed without a sitter for years, but for the first time in her life the kid’s schedules are too hectic and she is in need of an extra pair of hands. She found a sitter and then the sitter canceled the following week which left her and her husband scrambling at the last hour.

Eureka, I have the solution! She needs a reliable sitter group that she can call on when she needs that go-to sitter.  Have one great sitter hired, and then have a rotation of other sitters that can fill in if she cannot make it for some reason.  Problem solved you are never left in the dark, there is a helpful troupe waiting to serve. 

Let us know what you think of the article!