Thursday, February 16, 2012

Plan your child’s birthday party with Blast Events!

Annie Steinberg–Joachim has been in the events industry for 10+ years. She has built her reputation on being an upbeat event planner who is extremely detail oriented. 

What sparked Blast Events? 
Blast Events NYC was sparked by the birthday of my nephews Jackson and Truman. They are the most fun little guys in the world. I was in event planning for 10 years and feeling like I needed a change, once the boys were born I realized I could still do event planning, but for children. After my sister in law let me plan a few of their birthday parties and all the moms started to inquire about my services, I had the confidence to start Blast Events NYC.

Tell us a bit about the events that you work on? 
We work on all types of events, they just have to be about children. We do baby showers, a briss, a baby naming, birthday parties and everything in between. My favorite is a birthday party. When you see a child walk in to their own party and they light up, it's such a good feeling. We work on events of all sizes, we've done events in a Manhattan apartment and events located in Cipriani - so really no job too big, no job too small - when your job doesn't feel like work you just go with the flow and enjoy! 

What is your favorite project thus far? 
Well this is my favorite question, thus far.. I love the parties we produce, they are all special to me, but my favorite project was a 1st birthday for a child named Jacob. The theme was a safari and it was held in their beautiful Chelsea apartment. I would say it was my favorite because the family was lovely to work with. His mommy was very involved in the planning process, but was very gentle and welcoming to our suggestions. It was the perfect balance of an involved mom but one who wasn't a control freak. When you hire a party planner you have to know that they are the expert, not you! This mom welcomed our suggestions and still gave her opinion, it was just perfect. Once we arrived at the party her guest treated us like guest. The entire party, family and friends were by far the nicest people we have ever worked with. We made them a beautiful photo album of pictures from the day to say thank you. My wish is that we will be able to work with them on more events in the future. 

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