Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why pay a membership for a sitter service?

We often get asked, "Why should I pay a membership fee to hire a sitter" and the answer is simple...

Mom and dad's are very busy and juggling family, work, and life can be such a daily challenge. Add in trying to find trustworthy sitters through one's personal network, then screening those prospective sitters and the process can be daunting.

Joining an elite company such as Lucky Lil' Darlings (LLD) enables you to take the trouble, and hard work out of the mix.  First and foremost, LLD is a trusted company that hand selects each sitter. In addition to finding top-notch sitters, we conduct extensive screening, ensuring a properly background checked and college educated sitter.  In addition, we have also perfected the LLD sitter match. We are experts at finding the right sitter for your kids and ensure a fun, reliable addition to your family, making the process secure and painless. 

Having a reliable person you can speak with about your individual family needs also really takes the pressure off. Sometimes you need to discuss options for your child-sitting needs. Whether you need a weekly sitter for date night, a holiday sitter for your next family vacation or just an extra set of hands on the weekends, LLD's personal service really helps configure the best solution for your family. We have loads of experienced sitters for all occasions: parties, vacations, corporate events etc, and we've seen it all. The level of experience we provide is hard to match, and as an LLD member you can tap into our information anytime, with a quick call or email.

Another great benefit is being able to book sitters last minute. Even if your "regular" nanny/sitter is booked, LLD has an extensive database of amazing, available sitters, and can accommodate last minute requests: what's better than that!? 

Here are some of the highlights to being an LLD member:

--LLD’s sitters are the best in the business and become true, long term role models for your children.

--LLD provides a loyal and genuine local community for elite, urban families. Our families are friends, we have great local events that enable fun family networking, hearing about amazing local deals and being plugged in to a wonderful group of mom and dad's that like you are looking to engage.

--LLD’s Secure Screening Process is extensive, organized, and thorough to always ensure your Lil’ Darlings are always in the best of hands.

--LLD’s core mission is to provide the utmost highest quality of family care solutions in a convenient & efficient manner.  We have the reputation in the business for finding the best childcare providers for your family. 

--LLD’s comprehensive suite of family care offerings reduces daily stress for busy, modern families. You tell us what you need and we do all the work!


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