Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What is your sitter back-up plan?

What is your babysitter back-up plan?

Kids are sick and home from school.

Nanny or regular sitter is sick.

Grandparents, friends are at work…


It is important for every family to have a go-to sitter service, group or person that you can rely on for those last minute curve balls.  Check out this article on Daily Worth. They recommend strategizing, network and budgeting. I agree, be sure to have at least two go-to sitters or agencies on speed dial in case the need arises, where you can call one of them and pretty much be guaranteed a sitter for the next day.

Last Thursday I was at dinner around 10pm when I received the frantic message, OUR NANNY IS SICK…HELP! Luckily we had a sitter at her place at 8:30am the next day. But to alleviate stress be prepared with your back-up!


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