Monday, October 17, 2011

A Lil' Blurb from our President

I spent some of my Sunday Funday at the New Parents Expo meeting with mom-targeted brands, local families, trying new products and more! I was happy to hear they had a bag check as I am the NYC bag lady, always carrying my life with me. I was invited to attend on behalf of Lucky Lil’ Darlings and proud to be there.

I saw some familiar faces, HAPPYBABY, Baby Loves Disco, and Baby Bites who I have worked with in the past on different marketing campaigns. It was great that the expo brought everyone together under one roof.

What I loved most was meeting with the new brands & companies that LLD or I are not yet affiliated with such as Carnegie Kids. They have a great kids program in the winter that would be perfect for LLD children looking for some entertainment during those long winter weekends. Then there were some new brands that I really loved, Peg-Perego Strollers, perfect for busy moms looking for a light stroller. And how about Woodloch Resort, only 2hrs outside the city near the majestic Pocono Mountain lake region of NE Pennsylvania. They have everything for the perfect family getaway; outdoor/indoor sporting activities, outstanding family entertainment, golf for dad, yoga for mom and delectable dining. I can’t wait to try it out! Better yet, free show for the kids (12 and under), use promo code PIER 92 1015 now through 12/19.

I was intrigued by NYC Dads Group, as typically we all think moms are the only ones with groups. As many of our LLD dads now book sitters and have a much bigger role in childcare, I loved the concept and encourage our LLD dads to check them out.

I really enjoyed meeting with Dana’s Kids; the owner speaks on a variety of mom & children topics including how to train nannies and she even gives CPR training. And finally, I am an avid reader of NY Family Magazine and loved meeting with the editor and learning more about their publication.

Great meeting all of you, looking forward to bringing our families together!



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