Friday, July 22, 2011

Three fun and tasty things to do with a watermelon!

During a hot summer afternoon, slicing into a nicely chilled watermelon sounds like paradise! Disney’s Family Fun website has found some fun and creative ways to eat this delicious fruit.

Make a Melon Manor

First, scoop out all of the delicious fruit of the watermelon and place them in a bowl. We like to use a melon baller and turn the watermelon into a bowl of delicious bite-size treats! Second, after you have the melon rind; slice off one end so you have a flat bottom to set your future house on. Third, start carving! Cut out windows and a door with a small knife. If you’re a pumpkin-carving champion, try adding some designs! Lastly, grab some toothpicks and add a door, the roof from the end you sliced off before and even some landscaping if you’re feeling ambitious.

Your kids will have a blast playing with this cute little house!

Cut out some watermelon cookies!

Watermelon cookies? That’s right! All you need is a watermelon, vanilla Greek yogurt, and some sprinkles. First, slice your juicy watermelon into 1 inch slabs as big as you can make them. Second, let your kids take over! Give them some fun cookie cutters so they can make shapes out of the watermelon slices. Last, smear on some delicious Greek yogurt and some sprinkles for decoration. It’s a tasty and healthy snack, and you don’t even have to turn on the oven!

These could also be a great addition to a summer barbeque or dinner party. Your friends will be amazed at your creativity, and how delicious they are!

Mix it up with a Watermelon Banana Split

With watermelon, berries, bananas, granola, and whipped cream… your kids will love this fruity snack! First, cut a banana in half and place in no a plate. Second, scoop out a couple of watermelon balls to place on top with an ice cream scoop to make them extra-big. Last, squeeze a little whipped cream on top, sprinkle some berries and granola, and you’re good to go!

You can even make this delicious treat dairy free by skipping out on the whip cream!

We hope you’re as excited as we are to bust out these yummy watermelon tricks and treats! For more fun cooking ideas visit

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