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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LLD's Take on Role Models

As soon as you think about your lil’ one growing up, who can help but think about who is going to be their role model. Who is going to help them grow up to be the best that they can be! First and foremost of course the family! You know, moms, dads, brothers and sisters, cousins and grandparents. But of course there will be others! Today our President, Lindsay Bell, gave her take on the importance of role models to Mommybites, a go-to resource for parents.

If you didn’t know, Lindsay is the oldest of five girls! As you can imagine, there was always a lot going on and Lindsay easily assumed the role of big sister. She was always involved with what her sisters were doing whether it was planning a fun day of games, teaching them about something they should or shouldn’t do, or challenging them to be even better at school or in other areas. Lindsay was always there. Lindsay says as she looks back, she never realized how much she was in tune with what her sisters needed and what made them happy as both young little toddlers, or pre-teens when they were going through the same things she did at that age. LLD knows not all siblings are lucky enough to have a big sis like Lindsay, but in any case, a strong role model is so important!
And what better way to make sure you have a say in your lil’ ones role models than by choosing them yourself! Yes of course, we mean their sitters and nannys. Having a sitter or nanny that is sensitive to your child’s needs, can relate to them, and show them what goals and values are important in life is just so… well…important! To read more about Lindsay’s experience as a role model to her sisters as well as her list of the best qualities in a sitter or child care provider that make them great role models, click here.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Need a Date Day/Night? LLD can Help!

Longing to finally get out of your apartment? You have been busy keeping your children's social calendar in line, but forgot yourself?

LLD sitters travel with our families making for a more balanced family vacation.
It's spring and it's time to break away during the day during your vacation, for your spa appointment, that lunch with your mother, shopping to get that wedding or baby shower gift or at night for some QT with your partner! The solution is to hire a reliable sitter that can be on call when the need arises!

It's simple! First, register on our website, then set up a intro phone consultation with a member of our LLD team, learn the ropes of our policy and procedure, meet a few of our stellar sitters prior and voila...your sitter appointment is booked!

Book your trip, day appointment or date night today!

Friday, March 23, 2012

How about the Parenting Magazine Ap!

I was thinking how cool it would be to have an app for those times when you have a quick question regarding your child.  Yes Google helps, but it can be so vague and it takes time to review all of the options that come up. 

What if you need something really quick & easy?

I researched around and found Parenting Magazine’s app “Parenting Age’s & Stages”. It is FREE to download and offers a search engine to ask your own specific questions.  They also offer sub categories making it easier to navigate to your answer.  Categories include:
  • Product Recalls
  • All Ages & Stages
  • Pregnancy
  • First Year
  • Second Year
  • The Early Years
  • School Years

So whether you have a question about what 5 tooth brushing tricks work for your child or easy ways to ease a baby during bath time or 20 tantrum tamers, they cover it all!

For more information on Parenting Magazine click here


Thursday, March 22, 2012

LLD and Cut the Clutter have something for YOU!

It's spring cleaning time!  LLD knows organizing is something that usually gets put on busy moms' back burners, but what if we gave you a GREAT reason to make it a priority?  We're teaming up with our friends at Cut The Clutter (CTC) to offer Manhattan families the Organized Family Spring Cleaning Package!  If you didn’t know already, CTC is NYC's group of premier professional organizers who can help you turn any disorderly part of your home into a beautifully organized dream space. The package we’re offering with CTC includes babysitting services care of LLD, and organizing services care of CTC. That’s right! All bundled into one SPECIAL package for just $350!  This package gets you an initial in-home organizing consultation PLUS 3 hours of in-home organizing AND babysitting on organizing day!  Contact Natalie at to get your appointment set up today and for more info on rates!  Be sure to mention LLD to get the special offer. Expires 5/15/12. Only offered in Manhattan.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moms! Stay fit with Stroller Strides

Vika Osipenko, mother of one beautiful lil’ girl, is the UWS’s contact for Stroller Strides, the country’s largest (and growing) stroller fitness program for moms.

Stroller Strides has everything from prenatal classes called Fit4Baby and mommy classes after the lil’ ones are born called Body Back. What a great way to stay fit throughout and after your pregnancy! And even better…through Stroller Strides you can become a member of a Mom’s Club where they host playdates for moms and kids, mom’s nights out, and tons of activities for families. Can we get in on this action??? Vika says yes!

Vika was a varsity athlete throughout college and of course believes in the positive benefits of working out. Now with a baby girl in her midst, she knows it can be hard to find the time to work out and care for YOU. Fear not! Being the Manhattan contact for Stroller Strides keeps her fit and involved and it can for all you moms too! Not convinced yet? Visit their website at to hear testimonies from fit moms that joined the program all around the country. Vika is also available through email at

Monday, March 19, 2012

LLD at Baby Loves Disco

Last weekend LLD was lucky enough to meet so many kids and families at the Baby Loves Disco in Philadelphia at the Shampoo Lounge & New York City at Le Poisson Rouge. We had two lovely sitters, Brittany B and Kate T, who helped out with our interactive table that had fun activities to do with the lil' ones passing through. Here you can see Brittany B helping some kids make some adorable bracelets!

Every Baby Loves Disco event attracts nearly 300 guests including moms, dads, grandpas, grandmas, and kids galore. By the end of the three hours of dancing, eating, play, shopping, crafts, networking, photos & more... believe us, your kids will be worn out! We can't wait until they have another Baby Loves Disco! It's such a great place to meet different families, have fun with your kids, and meet LLD sitters! For more info on upcoming events in your area check out their website here.

As always have a fabulous week and keep posted for more tips from LLD!

Friday, March 16, 2012

LLD Weekend Pick-My Gym UWS!

Looking for just the right indoor gym for your children?

Here are 5 reasons to go with My Gym on the UWS!

The energetic group at My Gym!

1.       All of their teachers have “My Gym DNA” which is a unique blend of energy, love of children, creativity and physical fitness. 

2.       All programming is intention based. Children have fun while they gain strength, coordination, agility and flexibility while also developing social skills, confidence and self-esteem. 

3.       They do not make you sign up for an entire semester, but instead bill you on a recurring basis allowing you to join or leave at any time!

4.       They have a state of the art facility that changes every week so that no two classes are ever the same. 

5.       Class tuition entitles you to unlimited free plays. Offered once a day everyday Monday- Friday. Baby free play is available too! (Under 22 months offered on Friday)

And get this you can try a class for free!  Visit or email and they will set you up with your free trial! Just mention LLD!

If you sign up to be a My Gym member within 24 hours of your free trial class you will receive $50 off your onetime family membership fee.

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Sitters take on Star Wars!

This past Monday four of our LLD sitters including myself, Kristy K, Jennifer S and Laura W wrangled nearly 50 children at Ripley's Believe It or Not in Times Square as their parents enjoyed a presentation hosted by our friends at Momtrends NYC & Sunstar G.U.M for the launch of the new Star Wars toothbrushes.

Laura, Lindsay, Kristy & Jennifer. Photo courtesy of

The children ranged in age from newborn to 8 years old. Parents had the option to keep their children with them or to leave them with LLD's professional sitters. We had a bunch of fun activities to inspire and excite the kids! From the "black hole" to laser tag or arts & crafts to a fun scavenger hunt the kids were happy, entertained and learning. The event ended with surprise guest Darth Vader!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Playtime for Kids at Heart!

I had my first taste of Playtime New York’s International Trade Show dedicated to the universes of children and junior.

It was basically a well pulled together trade show featuring children collections for fall/winter  2012/2013.
The designers come from all parts of the world.   A few brands I stopped by included Woollyboo based in New Jersey, Neve/Hawk in South Carolina, Lila in Spain, Trommpo in Uruguay, Christopher Fischer in New York, Caramel Baby & Child in London and more!

I was drawn to the husband & wife duo at Neve/Hawk, named after their two children; their line is simple and functional.  All clothing is reversible, soft and fun! The pieces are designed to be versatile, layered and matched.  For instance I saw this great green skirt, and it was so soft, like sweat pants, but the way they cut it and added pleats makes it looks like an outfit your child could wear to a fancy birthday party.  All clothing is made in the USA & better yet proceeds go to Fight for Creativity a benefit giving back to keeping arts in public schools.

Check out these innovative designed cakes made of knitted yarn. This is what I walked by as I went from vendor to vendor…reminded me of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory!


Monday, March 12, 2012

What’s your Spring Work-out Plan? Give Figure 4 a try!

After our CPR Training taught by none another then Lieutenant Betty from FDNY, we love her spunk, LLD enjoyed a new kind of work out hosted by Pure Yoga West. Pure Yoga, which Access Hollywood calls the place where you can “be fit like Jennifer Aniston”, hosted LLD for our first Figure 4 experience!

Created by professional ballet dancer Kate Albarelli, Figure 4 combines elements of classic dance training, Pilates, yoga, and free weights. This combination is part of a high energy class that works the heart and the limbs in tandem for faster, more effective results, helping to create a long, toned and flexible body.

Our instructor Kerry rocked. The full-time publishing executive, dancer for more than 20 years and performing arts scholar at The George Washington University also happens to be four months pregnant so she showed us how the movements can easily be done for expecting mothers as well as for non-expecting beginners aka all of us!

The class was NOT easy!  We moved muscles we didn’t know we had. Kerry’s motivation, call-outs by name (which I personally love) and high-powered energy made the class both informational, enjoyable and an awesome new work-out.

And you MUST check out Pure Yoga West’s digs. The place is paradise.  Quietly placed on 77th Street and Amsterdam conveniently next door to Equinox & Soul Cycle it’s a fitness guru’s dream.  Pure Yoga presents a home and a playground for the modern yogi, and a source of inspiration for the spirit, the soul, and the body.

 "Figure 4 is perfect for mothers.  As I'm about to find out first-hand, moms don't necessarily have a ton of free time.  In just one hour, Figure 4 tones and strengthens the entire body without a second to waste, so you're using the time you do have SMARTLY!  We work the thighs, arms, abs and glutes using aspects of ballet training, yoga, pilates and strength conditioning.  It targets both the superficial and the smaller interior muscles, leaving you with a longer, leaner physique,” said Kerry.

To give Figure 4 a try click here


Friday, March 9, 2012

Recycle Your Kid’s Clothes without Leaving Your House + Get Cash Back

What’s on your spring cleaning agenda? 

Like most moms, we are sure you want to organize the kid’s closets. Whether you take on the duty solo or call someone like our friends at Cut the Clutter, be sure to have an organization plan.  One step of that plan is where to toss out your unwanted clothes.

Check out this article on Babble’s Family Style Blog they talk about threadUP’s Concierge Service where it allows you to recycle your kid’s clothes without even leaving your house AND you get cash back!
It is easy to sign up, then request a bag and start cleaning!

threadUP does have a few rules, so be sure to read them before you start cleaning. See below!

Clothing must be:
  • In gently used to new condition
  • Clean and freshly laundered
  • Originally purchased within the last 2 years
They don't accept:
  • Infant clothing size 12 months and under
  • Clothing from brands: Faded Glory, Garanimals, Baby George, Sonoma, Circo, or Cherokee (it’s hard to resell)
  • Sleepwear, sock, and undergarments
  • Homemade items or clothing that supports a local team
  • Non-clothing items
Earn more money with:
  • Name brand clothing, including: Oilily, Mini Boden, Tea Collection, Guess, Gap, Gymboree, Baby Lulu, and more!
  • In-demand clothing sizes, including: 18 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, and 7
  • In-season clothing, i.e. warm clothing in the winter months and lighter weight items in the summer months

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Today's Kind of Babysitter

Lana Del Rey still babysits.

She may be an up and coming music star according to The Huffington Post, but the buzzed about singer’s other job when she’s at home is none other than babysitting! 

Lana Del Rey

She’s not the only one. LLD’s troupe of over 100 professional sitters include medical students from Johns Hopkins, advertising & fashion executives from Conde Nast, attorneys from top law firms, CEO’s, Broadway & TV actors/actresses, agents, yoga instructors, health coaches, personal chefs to the stars, entrepreneurs, college basket ball stars, Radio City Rockettes and more!

What a better role model then some of these sitters?

Especially if your child excels or shows interest in one of these areas, request a sitter that specializes in his or her interest! And these women love to teach and be around children. Its a perfect combo.

Like all of our sitters, Lana has a busy schedule but still makes babysitting a priority.   She continues to babysit because that’s what she has done for a long time. So why stop doing something you love?

LLD is now open in eight states across the US; NY, NJ, CT, PA, IL, GA, TX and CA. If you are interested in joining our troupe email us today


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weddings This Spring with Lydia Ross

LLD knows we're all hoping for spring to... well "SPRING" into action. February is over and it's almost time for spring break. What's on the calendar for spring you ask?? Well we heard weddings weddings and more weddings! For the inside scoop on what to expect this spring,  expert Lydia Ross spoke with us about trends in wedding fashion and decor this spring as well as why she felt so inspired to become involved in event planning. For moms who have older kids, and sitters that want to tie the not, keep tuned!

Tell us what is in for this seasons spring wedding?
Brides are still taking cues from last year’s Royal Wedding and recent fashion trends and include covering up more with long sleeves, cap sleeves, straps, etc. More and more brides are deciding to take a break from the ubiquitous strapless dress.  We’ll likely see brides incorporating color or patterns in their attire.  For décor, I think we’ll see movement in two different directions. Recently the rustic wedding has been popular, but I think we’ll start to see a lot more modern, stream-lined décor or weddings inspired by The Artist and the upcoming The Great Gatsby, with retro or garden-party inspired looks!

What has been your favorite wedding memory so far?
One of my favorite wedding memories is from an Indian-Western wedding I did a few years ago.  The groom’s father had lent the bride’s mother his late wife’s jewelry to wear for the traditional Indian ceremony.  Minutes before departing for the ceremony, the bride’s mother went to put on the earrings and found that the posts were too thick.  I was wearing my favorite pair of earrings – an inexpensive set of sparkly, flower-shaped studs from Anthropologie – and they matched her sari perfectly, so without hesitation I handed them over.  While the wedding wouldn’t have been ruined had she not had earrings to wear, being able to immediately calm those pre-ceremony jitters with such a simple offering – and their thanks for my doing so – reminded me why I do this. Now I wear the earrings to every wedding… just in case!

How did you first get involved in events & weddings? Did you always want to go out on your own?
I have wanted to be a wedding planner since I was little.  Really little.  I got my first subscription to Brides when I was in second grade!  But, after college I followed a more traditional career path and became a marketing consultant.  After the crisis of 2008 I had a chance to reevaluate what I really wanted to do with my life, and with a little encouragement from my friends and family I decided to try wedding planning.  I started out as a volunteer at a bridal expo – stuffing gift bags for attendees – and from there I got an unpaid internship with a firm in the city.  From there I’ve expanded into social, corporate, and non-profit events. The rest is history!

A few of our sitters are getting married. How can the newly engaged get more info about you?
Prospective brides can check out my website to get more information on my services, view photos of some of my past weddings, and read my blog to see what’s interesting me lately.  I’m also always available via email at or by phone at 203.243.0035.