Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photography by Willy in NYC & Brooklyn!

Mother's Day Special 2011
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Interview with LauraNLove's Laura Neill

1. What made you start LauraNLove? It's my true passion. I often catch myself on the subway looking at everyone and thinking...."that looks great, but I would have put a belt with it." or, "i love her red lips but she needs to do a natural eye so she doesn't overwhelm."

This parlayed into friends and co-workers asking me my advice on outfits for specials occasions, dates, and of course makeup. I was know to do makeup sessions for all the gals at the office during lunch for their big night out.

2. How did you get into loving products as much as you do? I've loved all things girly since I can remember. My mom used to catch me in my room changing outfits over and over again. I love to experiment with new, fun looks. Fashion, makeup, etc. I begged my mom for a "makeover" when I turned 13. That is what ALL the girls in my hometown did for their "teen" birthday"

3. What is your daily make-up/skin-care routine? Cleanse, tone, moisturize! Wash my face in the shower (and exfoliate 1x per week), apply a toner on a cotton ball (very crucial in new york with that dirt flying around the streets) and most importantly moisturize!! Always make sure your moisturizer has SPF in it and if it doesn't I like to add Neutrogena Dry Touch sunblock under my makeup.

4. What is your advice to moms on the go who don't have a lot of time to shop, but want to find the best make-up/skin-care products? There are many makeup lines out there that package their "best of" for women on the go....I like Scott Barnes Golden Goddess and Smoky Nights. It gives you colors that are universally flattering on everyone and it can be thrown in a gym bag!

5. I love your post on falling down. Why do you love falling? Because each time I fall, I am that much closer to success

6. What is the one product you can't live without and recommend to moms? 10 Years Younger Spray!!! It is a makeup setting spray that keeps your makeup on but ALSO prevents lines and creases on your face....making you look youthful

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